Meet The Artist

I believe in the power of photography and its ability to translate real moments into compelling memories through the lens.  It can turn little (or perhaps slightly ordinary) events into something so captivating that one can look back on in generations to come. 

My goal as a fine art lifestyle photographer is to tell truly meaningful moments and stories that are beyond simply being beautiful.

It’s a showcase of pure emotions, unfiltered, and unexpected events - MAKING LIFE'S ORDINARY EXTRAORDINARY.

I am a fine art lifestyle photographer based in Hong Kong, specialised in capturing life’s most loving moments for couples and families that can be cherished for a lifetime.  I am committed to creating beautiful imagery that not only depicts everyday life, but catches people in real events or milestones, sprinkled with an artistic perspective that renders beauty and simplicity – TELLING YOUR STORY.

Lifestyle Photography : Magic in the Mundane

Hello, this is Iris


Analog and Digital

I’m a hybrid photographer and I enjoy shooting with FILM for its unique qualities and aesthetics, as well as teaching me how to pause and observe, which is how I developed my approach to photography.


I have a Flower Head with an Artist Mind

My work is inspired by ART and NATURE.  I love photographing flowers and that's how my photography journey began.


I adore travel and I love Europe! 

I’ve previously studied and worked in the UK, and regularly visit at least once per year.  If you are interested in my photography work outside Hong Kong, please GET IN TOUCH to discuss your request.


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