Fine Art Lifestyle Photography

My Approach to Photography:

I believe in the power of photography and its ability to translate real moments into compelling memories through the lens.  My approach to photography is simple – to capture the connections between you and your loved ones in an artful and authentic way.

Fine Art Lifestyle Portraits

Although there are no universal definitions on photography styles, I would describe my work in between the Fine Art Portraiture and Lifestyle Photography.  Before each shoot, I usually have a creative vision on the emotions to be conveyed through the imagery.  On the other hand, I see the importance of telling the stories of real-life events and situations and as such, I also like to step back and watch things unfold naturally. 

What to Expect from a Photo Session?

Your photoshoot with me will be a relaxed and personalised experience. I like to take time to get to know and work closely with each client – we will plan the perfect settings and shooting style together which will best tell your unique story.  I may come to a session with some planned shots and then let the rest happen organically.  Combining a harmonious blend of fine art and lifestyle photography, leave it to me to tell your stories in an authentic and artful manner, right down to the last detail.

Are you ready to share your heart with me?

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Fine Art Lifestyle Photography

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