3 Steps to a Relaxed Maternity Photoshoot

Motherhood is one of the most magical rides in your life.  Being pregnant makes you feel special and it fills your heart with more love than you have ever felt!  And you definitely wouldn’t want to miss the chance to document this important lifetime moment.  However, if the idea of posing in front of the camera sounds a little intimidating to you, here are my 3 key steps to take for your next photoshoot.

Step 1: There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to capture beautiful imagery.  That’s why I like to get to know my clients well before the photoshoots.  I would suggest you to work with your photographer in planning the perfect settings – from location selection to outfits, props, photo styles and preferences.  Share your thoughts and expectations so that you are all on the same page to avoid any unwanted surprises. 

Step 2: Prior preparations can take away much stress on the actual photoshoot day.  My clients usually receive a guide from me on how they should prepare for the session beforehand and the following are some of the useful tips.

  • Have enough sleep before the photoshoot 
  • Choose outfit(s) that make you feel good and be sure to iron them if needed
  • Coordinate what to wear amongst family members
  • Arrange professional makeup and hair to boost your confidence
  • Plan ahead of time for specific props, e.g. baby clothes, ultrasound photo, etc. 
  • Declutter the photoshoot space for in-home session

Step 3: I think this is probably the most important thing of all! Remember the goal is to document your unique life stories.  Embrace all the beautiful and not-so-beautiful aspects of pregnancy.  Your stretch mark, round face, swollen limbs, etc. are all part of this exciting journey to bringing life into this world!  Be yourself and trust that you’re in good hands. 

Let’s work together to create lifetime memories. 

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3 Steps to a Relaxed Maternity Photoshoot

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